A Pinch of Salt: What Does It Really Mean for Our Health

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A Pinch of Salt: What Does It Really Mean for Our Health

Published on July 06, 2012 with 2 Comments

By Dr. Teresa Liccardi

Eating less salt may actually worsen one’s health, according to Gary Taubes in Salt Reconsidered, a New York Times article on June 3. This may be a dangerous statement without clarification, leading many to think any discretion with regard to salt intake is unnecessary.


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  1. I have seen mention of this New York Times article on several website, where people are jumping on the band-wagon saying salt is good and people recommending a lower sodium diet are just scaremongering, but my reply is – who are you going to believe, one newspaper writer trying to create a headline, or pretty much every western health authority and government who make their recommendations based on scientific research.

  2. By eliminating processed food, I was able to get off meds for blood pressure. Blood pressure went from a range of 138/95 to 150/105 to a range of 128/88 down as low as 124/86. I am a 65 year old non-smoking, non-drinking male in good health. I haven’t recorded blood pressures this low for more than 20 years. Did make other changes too, exercise, stress management, etc., but the lowering of sodium intake was the most dramatic change with the most dramatic results.

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