The Market
The Two River Times™ is a full broadsheet, paid circulation weekly newspaper reaching a readership of more than 20,000 of northern Monmouth County’s most affluent buyers. A market with the largest segment having median family incomes more than $120,000 (based on estimate of the Monmouth County Planning Board). Communities with a per capita income 31.5% higher than the Monmouth County average. A territory with annual retail sales in excess of one billion dollars.

The Medium
Published every Friday, The Two River Times™ covers the news, art, culture and lifestyle of the communities it serves with the caliber of editorial coverage, photography and design most often associated with the finest dailies. But most importantly, it’s the place thousands of readers turn for local community news. What’s happening next door and down the street. Across the back fence and at the last board meeting. It’s where two river residents connect with news and features on their hometowns.

The Message
For advertisers, The Two River Times™ provides an exceptional buy. It’s the opportunity to deliver your advertising message with no waste circulation to more than 20,000 powerful buyers who have made The Two River Times™ their required reading every week.

The Two River Times™ Ad Requirements

Deadline is Thursday 5pm. All camera-ready ads need to be complete and in our office no later than the Thursday before publication. This deadline may come early if your ad is for a special section or if publication falls on or near a major holiday. If that happens, your sales rep will notify you of the change in advance.

Ad Sizes
1 Column……… 1.8″
2 Column……… 3.75″
3 Column……… 5.7″
4 Column……… 7.65″
5 Column……… 9.6″
6 Column……… 11.55″

Ex: If you’ve reserved a 3col. x 10″ space, your ad file needs to be 5.7 inches wide by 10 inches tall.

Acceptable File Formats

PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PSD, EPS & BMP. Files should have a resolution of 300dpi.

You can direct any technical questions you have to Also, if you’re sending many files in one email, compress all your documents into one file using a program like StuffIt or WinZip. Files larger than 5mb in size can be saved on disk or sent over via FTP. For our FTP information, please call the Production Manager at 732-219-5788 ext. 209.

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