Anchors Aweigh!

October 12, 2012

MIDDLETOWN – The New School of Monmouth County held its 19th Annual Boat Day event Friday, Oct. 5, at the Spy House Beach in Port Monmouth.

Each year the children from the school design and build large boats from milk cartons, plastic bottles and other recycled materials. They then board their boat creations and set sail on Raritan Bay with help from teachers and parents. The boat launching has become an annual event attended by most of the parents, as well as graduates, friends and family.

During the week prior to the launch, children of varying ages work together in small groups designing and constructing their boats. The materials for the boats are collected, sorted, counted and graphed in the first weeks of school and then distributed equally among the groups in order for them to build a one- or two-person boat.






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  1. A very good way to bring out the creativity of the kids. This will also help develop their cognitive and constructive skills at an early age at the same time enjoy it at boat week.



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