Horgan Will Work For NJ

October 28, 2011

To the Editor:

The state of New Jersey needs responsible representatives in Trenton. We need Assembly people with a clear eye and consistent voice who will focus on the reduction of redundancy and patronage which is costing taxpayers a fortune and has led our state so close to financial ruin.


Kathy Horgan, who is running for state Assembly in the 11th District, will work hard to change this. She is a person of integrity who stands behind her beliefs and fights for the rights and welfare of every citizen. Since 2008 she has served Red Bank faithfully as a Borough Councilwoman—dedicating time and effort to seeing that the borough reduces expenses and runs more efficiently. She also brings the business perspective of an executive who serves a national nonprofit organization.


We need a state assembly person like Kathy Horgan—a woman who will work hard to change the situation the state of New Jersey finds itself in—a woman who will not change her principles for political reasons or gain after she is elected to this position. Kathy has the kind of background, drive, and integrity we need in Trenton.

Come out on November 8th and vote for her.

April W. Klimley

Red Bank Resident



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