Parents Angry over Dismissal of Holy Cross Teacher

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Published on June 15, 2012 with 1 Comment

By John Burton


RUMSON — A group of parents and students at Holy Cross School are still seeking answers about why a fourth-grade teacher was dismissed at the end of the school year this week.


While the Rev. Michael Manning, pastor of Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church and

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1 Comment

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  1. There has been much talk and outrage over a series of events that could have been averted had Fr Manning only acted as the Catholic leader he should be to his parish. Instead he has backed away from resolving and reassuring our school and acted as an insulent child. It pains me deeply to say such a thing and I am never a parent to question or take sides. I try to do my part to keep the peace and assume our Pastor will always look out for our best interests. But there comes a time when you can no longer sit back and just be expected to take what ever comes at you, you must take a stand for what you believe in! What I believe in is simple. For an entire school of young children to be dismissed from the end of year festivities planned for the last day is hasty beyond belief. Children who worked hard all year to make honor roll were denied the proud opportunity of walking on stage in front of their peers and parents is appaling to me and I would expect is to any one who cares about our children! What they have been denied can not be given back. There were no end of year hugs and good-byes, uneaten cupcakes and unopened gifts to teachers and support staff. It is a right of passage representing their accomplishments that in no way shape or form should have stolen from our children.
    Not only was it a poor decision to cancel their last day but to cancel it after school had already been dismissed the day before. Their was chaos and tears amongst young children who were told by loud speaker to clear out theirs desks no more than an hour before they left for the day. And a surprise to teachers as well. Still parents had no idea any of this was going on. Parents and children alike showed up at school for the last day because they had not seen the late afternoon email stating solely that our Pastor had declared a “Pastoral Holiday” rather than the scheduled half day of school we were all expecting and looking forward to. Clearly this was an impulsive decision of convenience and benefitted no one, abruptly disrupting the lives of all of the children he is supposed to care so deeply about. Our children are confused and saddened as are the parents.
    To not address the inquiries over this move by such an overwhelming number of parents logically could not be ignored by any Principal in any school throughout our country! Why and how can this happen here in what has always been a close Christian community? We have been left bewildered and without guidance. What ever motivated this closing it was not one that took into consideration the families of Holy Cross School. It has caused upheaval and an uncomfortable division where there should be none!

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