RMC Performs First LensX Cataract Surgery in Monmouth County 

May 2, 2014

RED BANK – Riverview Medical Center is the first hospital in Monmouth County to offer LensX laser cataract surgery, the most technologically advanced cataract surgery available today.

Using the bladeless, computer-controlled laser, surgeons are able to make all of the necessary incisions to remove cataracts, eliminating the need for a manual blade. LensX offers a gentler, highly customizable procedure which diminishes discomfort during surgery, and leads to significantly faster recoveries.

Dr. Lawrence Frieman, an ophthalmologist affiliated with Riverview Medical Center, performed the first LensX procedure in Monmouth County on Jan. 6. “LensX is a far superior option when it comes to cataract surgery,” says Frieman. “With this technology, Riverview’s surgeons can tailor each operation in order to provide a precise, customized surgery experience for each patient tailored to their individual needs.”

Frieman‘s patient, William Wallace of Manchester, was the first to undergo this state-of-the-art procedure. “I’m still amazed with how short my recovery was,” says Wallace. “After seeing Dr. Frieman the day after my surgery, I was able to drive home from his office, and returned to work the next day.”

As the only hospital to offer LensX in Monmouth County, Riverview Medical Center looks forward to many more positive patient experiences like Wallace’s.

For more information on LensX, visit RiverviewMedicalCenter.com/LensX.




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