Rumson Zoners Hear Amended Plan For Holy Cross Church Expansion

January 27, 2012

RUMSON — Representatives for the Church of the Holy Cross will appear before the zoning board on Monday seeking approval for amendments to the renovation and expansion plan the board originally approved in 2004.

Holy Cross, which occupies a 7.58 acre property at the corner of Rumson Road and Ward Lane, won that approval following a series of hearings on the parish’s plans to expand their elementary school and church buildings.

The original proposal generated considerable controversy and some stiff opposition from area residents and parish members who objected to the size and cost of the proposed expansions.

In 2004, the parish won approval to construct an 8,494 square foot addition to its existing 31,790 square foot elementary school.

In 2008, the church returned to the board to modify its plans for the school portion of the project and according to minutes of the December zoning board meeting on the application, that part of the project has been completed.

According to the application scheduled for hearing on Monday,  Holy Cross is now seeking approval for an amended plan to add a 6,720 square foot addition to the existing 4,220 square foot church. The amenments proposed include a revised layout of the church addition, parking lots, walkways, lighting, landscaping and utilities.

The church expansion is designed to accommodate 663 people at religious services. Approximately 400 to 600 parishioners regularly attend the church’s five masses each week, according to the Rev. Michael Manning, pastor of Holy Cross.

Expanding the church will eliminate the need to use the school gymnasium for church services, Manning told the board in December.

The board that will hear this application on Monday will consist of some zoning board members and some drawn from the planning board, as some zoning board members recused themselves because they are members of the church.




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