Second M’town Drowning in a Month

August 31, 2012

By John Burton

MIDDLETOWN – A Brooklyn, N.Y., man out for a day of 
swimming and boating drowned Aug. 26 in Sandy Hook Bay, according to
 a New Jersey State Police spokesman.

Hector Yandun and family members were on a boat off of
 Monmouth Cove Marina, in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown. While swimming, Yandun suffered severe cramps at about 4:15 
p.m. Members of Yandun’s party told
 troopers that he had difficulty staying afloat, according to Lt. Stephen Jones.

Family members eventually got Yandun onboard the boat and 
attempted to administer CPR but were unable to revive him. They 
also were unable to get the boat ashore because a section of rope 
attached to a life preserver had become entangled in the boat’s
 propeller, Jones said.
 Another boat in the area, operated by a volunteer fireman, came
 to their assistance and brought Yandun ashore, where the Port
 Monmouth First Aid Squad rushed him to Riverview Medical Center,
 Red Bank.
 Yandun was pronounced dead at approximately 4:47 p.m. His death
 has been tentatively labeled an accidental drowning, pending the 
outcome of the investigation, Jones said.

It was the second drowning in this area this month. A Belford man
 drowned Aug. 2, off Ideal Beach, a short distance from the marina.




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